Top down view of a counter sprinkled with flower, sliceds of bread, and a cropped view of a full loaf of bread.


At Grain Craft, we understand that your business depends on the quality and consistency of ingredients and reliability of suppliers. We are dedicated to providing superior products and personalized customer service. Grain Craft offers a full line of bagged and bulk flours for the baking and food service industries.

  • Breads, Bagels & Rolls

    Straight-grade bread flours perfect for bread and roll production, pizza crusts and frozen production.

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  • High Gluten

    Premium, high-gluten flours milled from the highest-quality spring wheat. High in protein with excellent absorption and superior tolerance and volume.

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  • Hotel and Restaurant

    Our all-purpose flours fit many applications due to a perfect combination of flours that perform for everyday bread and pastry needs.

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  • Pasta

    A selection of exceptional specialty flours, perfect for egg or wheat noodles.

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  • Pastry, Cake & Cookies

    Premium-quality cake and pastry flours that produce a white crumb color and smooth texture  great for sponge cakes, funnel cakes, angel cakes and layer cakes.

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  • Pizza

    From hand-tossed to Neapolitan style pizza crusts, we offer a variety of flours perfect for your unique pizza crust needs.

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  • Tortilla

    Versatile tortilla flours that can be easily adapted to make tortillas by press, hand-stretch and die-cut methods.

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  • Whole Wheat

    Specially milled from high-quality spring and winter wheat, these flours are high in protein with appealing taste, texture and appearance where natural flavor and color is desired.

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