Upstream Innovation®

Flour starts in the hands of our growers. When you look out on the fields, beyond the wheat, you open up the story of each grower, breeder, miller, and baker. Separate individuals all working together with a common goal to continue the strong heritage of their families and to grow together.

Grain Craft is committed to supporting and driving the long-term improvement of wheat quality, flour quality and consistency, and ongoing innovation opportunities. We work together with growers to create wheat varieties that result in amazing baking qualities and provide long-term sustainability.

How We Do It

The Quality of Wheat

Through the Grain Craft Preferred Variety program we consistently utilize carefully selected preferred varieties to provide high performing flour for bakers.

The Success of Our Growers

By establishing deep relationships with our growers, we learn best practices that we can share and implement across our grower network. That way we can continuously improve the ways in which we deliver premium flour to our customers.

Wide view of a combine in a wheat field

The Future of Farming

In the wheat industry, we’re all working to advance farming practices in ways that are better for the land, preserving natural resources and ultimately delivering better products for generations to come. Through collaborative industry research we are fully committed to improving the quality of wheat long-term. Our support of Kansas Wheat Rx lead by Kansas Wheat and the K-State Research Extension is a great example of our research in action. Wheat Rx is a hub of research recommendations and educational information that disseminates and addresses key plant and soil health management of hard winter wheat for producing high-yielding and high-quality wheat. The recommendations directed by Wheat Rx are the result of many collaborations and years of research.

Innovation in Action

Here are some examples of our research and innovation practices in action to help achieve our goal of a more sustainable future for wheat farming and flour milling.

Grain Craft Innovation & Quality Lab

Our Grain Craft Innovation and Quality Lab in Manhattan, KS is a space focused on taking the quality and performance of our flour to the highest level. Advanced technology allows us to provide the best feedback and evaluation of everything from wheat varieties submitted, to key information about baking quality and how to provide our baking customers with the highest quality flour.

Why Preferred Variety Wheat?

Quality flour starts with quality wheat. That’s why for more than 20 years Grain Craft has worked behind the scenes to identify preferred varieties of wheat that offer the ideal balance of milling and baking characteristics.

Shepherd’s Grain Partnership

We proudly mill wheat for Shepherd’s Grain flour products, a grower-owned company who uses regenerative agriculture methods to grow and harvest wheat.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability.