Upstream Innovation

Growing Our Future Together

When you look out on these fields, beyond the wheat, you open up the story of each grower, breeder, miller, and baker. Separate individuals all working together with a common goal to continue the strong heritage of their families and to grow together.

We’ve always been devoted to quality flour, dependable service and committed partnerships. Working together, we’ll continue this tradition while building a path of success for our customers, our industry, and our growers.  Learn more about our Upstream Innovation initiatives below.


Wheat Breeding & Varietal Research Support

We collaborate on, support, and fund breeding work with wheat breeding programs and universities that support strengthening grain-based nutrition and the longevity of quality wheat and grains. Read more about one of our collaborations here.


Wheat Quality

Throughout the years we have prioritized wheat quality improvement and we continue to promote the benefits of preferred varieties to our growers.  The Grain Craft Preferred Variety Program includes varieties that have been thoroughly tested and selected based on key milling and baking characteristics.  Each of these varieties has shown successful yield and end-use performance.


Sustainable Agriculture

We are working towards scaling our farm-to-table identity preserved supply chain through our preferred variety program.  This is an exciting way to connect the consumer to the grower.  Other areas of focus include driving soil health initiatives and supporting research that is focused on long-term soil health improvement.  Our partnership with Shepherd’s Grain is a strong piece of our sustainable agriculture program.


New Innovation & Quality Lab

Our new lab, located at the Wheat Innovation Center, brings a centralized focus on innovation, quality and baking resources.  More information on the new lab will be coming soon, but in the meantime, see this story in our news section.


Kansas Wheat Rx

We are pleased to support Wheat Rx which is a program that is coordinated by Kansas Wheat and the K-State Research Extension.  Wheat Rx is a hub of research recommendations and educational information that disseminates and addresses key plant and soil health management of hard winter wheat for producing high-yielding and high-quality wheat.  Grain Craft is proud to be a founding partner of Wheat Rx.  Click here to learn more about Wheat Rx.


Growing Our Future Together

Watch this video to learn more about each of the ways we show how we implement Upstream Innovation and how it benefits our customers. The video features a few of our growers and a look at our GCIQ lab.