A close up of open hands with a pile of grain in them that forms the shape of a heart

Grain Craft & Shepherd’s Grain

Shepherd’s Grain, based in the Pacific Northwest, is a grower-owned company that was started in 2003 to connect growers and end users.  Each grower uses regenerative agriculture methods to grow and harvest their wheat.  Grain Craft proudly mills the Shepherd’s Grain wheat for Shepherd’s Grain branded flour products.

A field of wheat

Shepherd’s Grain Products

Shepherd’s Grain offers five wheat flours and semolina available to professional and home bakers including low gluten, high gluten, cake, pastry, and whole wheat flours.  All wheat sourced for these flours is grown and harvested by the Shepherd’s Grain Food Alliance Certified growers which is a certification with stringent standards for sustainability and land improvement.

A main in a wheat field looking down at his hands examing some wheat

Honest, Transparent, Quality Focused

Shepherd’s Grain is comprised of a select group of producers who use sustainable and regenerative farming methods including the strategic use of cover crops, crop rotations and no till/direct seed farming. They center the implementation of these practices around continuous research to improve conservation agricultural systems and environmental impacts.