Which flour for your pizza?

Crust is the most important part of the pizza and the flour is the most important part of the crust.

A flour’s strength, protein content and wheat class all have a direct impact on the flavor and texture of your pizza. Discover the absolute best flour for the kind of crust you’re going for with our recommendations below:

Thin, Medium, Hand Tossed and Detroit Style Crust – Mondako

Milled from a blend of northern winter and spring wheat, Mondako’s consistent mixing time and water absorption is ensured by careful patent stream selection. Known as the foremost flour for pizza operations, this product is well suited for hand tossed and medium crust pizza applications. It is also chosen by bakers for its high tolerance with laminated and frozen baked goods.

Thick Crust and Roman Style – Power High Gluten

Power Flour is a premium, high-gluten flour milled from northern hard red spring wheat. Designed to produce baked goods that require long fermentation and retardation periods, Power is also perfectly blended for pan and thick crust pizza formulas.

Neapolitan – Neapolitan Italian-Style Pizza Flour

Our Neapolitan Italian-Style Pizzeria flour features a finely ground wheat that is grown in the Rocky Mountain Foothills of Idaho. It is here that you will find an ideal combination of high altitude, rich volcanic soils and growing conditions similar to the agricultural regions of Italy. This 00 type flour is the key to producing a light dough with dependable extensibililty, the perfect rise and a soft thin crust — all without compromising old world quality or flavor.

Whole Wheat Crust – Stone Ground White Whole Wheat Flour

White Whole Wheat is specially milled from high-quality hard white spring and winter wheat. White Whole Wheat Flour is high in protein with appealing taste, texture and appearance where natural flavor and color is desired.

For more recommendations on formulas and dough tips, visit our technical page or check out our Craft of Pizza Crust brochure.