Grain Craft Endorses Kansas Wheat Rx Program for High-Quality Wheat

Chattanooga, Tn. – August 19, 2021 Grain Craft, the largest independent flour miller in the nation, is pleased to announce their support for a new program called Kansas Wheat Rx.  The program is coordinated by Kansas Wheat and the K-State Research Extension.  Wheat Rx is a hub of research recommendations and educational information that disseminates and addresses key plant and soil health management of hard winter wheat for producing high-yielding and high-quality wheat.

The recommendations directed by Wheat Rx are the result of many collaborations and years of research.  K-State Research and Extension wheat and forages production specialist, Romulo Lollato, is coordinating the program through K-State. Lollato has been the lead researcher on several projects which have focused on intensive management practices for wheat.  Grain Craft has specifically helped fund the soil optimization research that Lollato is leading, as well as performed key baking quality assessments, to uncover the relationship of nitrogen and sulfur application to yield and baking quality.

As a founding partner of Wheat Rx, Grain Craft also invests in and supports other on-going soil health initiatives with the Kansas Wheat Research Foundation.  Grain Craft works with the foundation to test how specific varieties contribute to a more consistent and higher quality flour for end users.   Much of this research has contributed to the development of the Wheat Rx recommendations.

“Wheat varieties with preferred quality genetic potential, certified seed, advanced agronomics and soil health are all components of a prescription to raise the highest-quality winter wheat in the world,” said Aaron Harries, vice president of research and operations for Kansas Wheat. “The global marketplace for wheat has become much more competitive in the last decade. Kansas farmers must continue their track record of innovation and technology adoption to lead the world as the Wheat State.”

The first in the series of Wheat Rx publications, “Wheat Variety Selection,” can be found on the Kansas Wheat website at Each publication will be two to four pages in length and will focus on a specific wheat production topic. More publications in the series will be released by K-State on an on-going basis, including updates to existing publications as new research data becomes available. Accompanying videos will also be produced for several of the topics.

“The Kansas Wheat Rx program is in direct alignment with our ongoing focus on upstream innovation,” said Reuben McLean, Sr. Director of Quality and Regulatory for Grain Craft.  “We are excited for our growers to have easy access to this leading research and best practice recommendations for producing a successful crop.”

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