Welcome to Grain Craft

We’ve combined the personal service and dependability of three great flour millers into the nation’s largest independent flour milling company. In fact, although the Grain Craft name is new, our heritage of exceptional service goes back 100 years. So, while some things have changed, offering you better service never will.

Our products

Pastry & Cookie Flours

High-quality pastry flours milled from premium soft wheat. Perfect for donuts, cookies, pastries, muffins and flaky pie crusts.

Cake Flours

Premium-quality cake flours that produce a white crumb color and smooth texture. Our various cake flours are great for sponge cakes, funnel cakes, angel cakes and layer cakes.

Hotel & Restaurant Flours

Our All-Purpose Flours fit many applications due to a perfect combination of flours. This creates a versatile flour that performs for everyday bread and pastry needs.

Whole Wheat Flours

Specially milled from high-quality spring and winter wheat, these flours are high in protein with appealing taste, texture and appearance where natural flavor and color is desired.


Bakery Patent Flours

Straight-grade bread flours perfect for bread and roll production, pizza crusts and frozen production.

Tortilla Flours

A versatile tortilla flour that can be easily adapted to make tortillas by all methods.

High-Gluten Flours

Premium, high-gluten flours milled from the highest-quality spring wheat. Highest in protein with excellent absorption and superior tolerance and volume.

Specialty Flours

Our very best flour options.

Pizza Flours

We have a variety of flours perfect for any pizza type.

“We are dedicated to building long-term customer relationships by continuously improving our responsiveness, flexibility and manufacturing excellence. We aim to exceed our customer’s expectations for quality, service and value. Our commitment is to ensure your success.”