Graincraft Recall Response

  • Grain Craft response to recent consumer product recalls for undeclared peanut allergen

    On April 26, 2016, Grain Craft learned of the intermittent presence of peanut in the wheat flour supplied by one of our flour mills in Georgia. We immediately began discussions with FDA, and determined the source to be soft red winter wheat grown in peanut producing regions of the South. ‬‬As of April 30, 2016, Grain Craft ceased using the wheat in question and subsequent FDA testing did not show the presence of peanut protein in flour from our South Georgia mill. In addition, FDA fully inspected our South Georgia facility and did not indicate any concerns with the mill’s operations. All of our milling processes have been and continue to be in compliance with all FDA and USDA millings standards.

    To be clear, Grain Craft does not manufacture or produce any consumer products at the South Georgia mill, nor does Grain Craft use or produce peanut or any peanut products in any of our facilities at any time. We are a supplier of milled wheat to food and baking companies across the U.S. We have been working with our customers and the FDA as they continue to conduct assessments of their products and evaluate next steps, including potential recalls. Any future notification of consumer product recalls will come directly from the FDA or finished product manufacturers, not from Grain Craft.

    These recent recalls bring to light the challenge of agricultural cross-contact, which is the result of customary methods of growing, harvesting and shipping of wheat and other agricultural products. Grain Craft has taken the lead in driving this industry-wide discussion for our customers and their consumers.

    For more information on consumer product recalls, please visit: http://www.fda.gov/Food/RecallsOutbreaksEmergencies/Recalls/default.htm

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the purpose of this recall?
    On April 26, Grain Craft became aware of the intermittent presence of peanut residue in flour produced in our South Georgia mill. We notified the FDA immediately. Based on consultation with FDA, we initiated a voluntary recall with our customers of all affected flour.
    Why did the recall take place?
    Though the peanut residue was found at low and intermittent levels, Grain Craft acted out of an abundance of caution, in consultation with the FDA, to help ensure that our customers’ peanut-affected flour products don’t reach consumers.
    Does Grain Craft produce peanuts, or products that contain peanuts?
    No. We have never handled or processed peanuts in any of our facilities. The cross-contact that we uncovered and reported to the FDA and our customers occurred before the wheat reached our South Georgia mill. The wheat was grown in a peanut producing region of the South.
    What consumer products does Grain Craft manufacture at the South Georgia mill?
    None. Grain Craft does not produce any direct to consumer products at our South Georgia mill. We only sell wheat flour to food and baking companies.
    Does Grain Craft supply any flour directly to any restaurants from the South Georgia mill?
    No. We supply flour to finished food manufacturers. All of our customers have been notified.
    Is Grain Craft still using wheat that potentially contains peanut allergen?
    No. What has Grain Craft done to ensure product safety? Grain Craft has addressed the risk of peanut residue by discontinuing the purchase and use of the wheat subject to cross-contact. We have also worked closely with the FDA and our customers every step of the way to help resolve this issue.
    Who should consumers contact for further information about this issue?
    Please contact FDA: http://www.fda.gov/Food/RecallsOutbreaksEmergencies/Recalls/default.htm