Pastry and Cookie

Ace Hi Cake & Pastry

Ace Hi Cake & Pastry is a bleached, enriched flour that possesses an excellent carrying capacity for sugar and various other ingredients used in the formula. It provides superb volume, crumb color and freshness.

Blue Ribbon Pastry

Blue Ribbon Pastry flour is milled from soft wheat and is bleached and enriched.

Grain Craft Pastry

Milled from the same wheat mix as White Spear Pastry, this soft wheat pastry flour produces a narrower cookie spread and is preferred by pastry bakers for use in die-cut cookies, pound cakes, and pancake and waffle mixes.

Mayfair Pastry

Mayfair Pastry is a high-quality pastry flour milled from premium soft wheat. It is an unbleached, enriched pastry flour ideal for cookies, pie crusts and crackers.

White Spear Pastry

White Spear Pastry is preferred by cookie bakers for its spreading characteristics in drop and wire cut applications and as a blending flour for donuts, pastries, rolls and breads that require softer texture.  This flour is also excellent for flaky pie crusts, muffins and cracker-type baked goods.