Employee Referral Program

Update Effective – September 1, 2021
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The purpose of the program is to take advantage of the #1 source for new hires in Grain Craft – referrals from our current employees. Based on our core values of Valuing People and Community, we have created a process that allows each of us to find great team members for Grain Craft.

The program is designed to help source top talent for all positions in Grain Craft, build diversity, find candidates for hard-to-fill positions, decrease cost per hire and decrease turnover.

To encourage referrals, the referring employee will receive a monetary reward that totals $1,000, less applicable taxes. $500 will be received after the referred candidate is hired and remains an active employee for 90 days. The remaining $500 will be received after the candidate remains an active employee for 180 days.

1. Referral Eligibility – All Grain Craft employees are eligible to refer candidates with the following exceptions:

• Vice President level and above
• Human Resources staff
• Supervisors and Managers over the referred candidates*
• Temporary employee on contract through a temp agency

2. Candidate Eligibility – Cannot be one of the following:

• Active application to a posted/open position prior to the referral submittal
• Interns (summer – college), vendors, contractors, consultants
• Former employees

3. The candidate must be referred for a specific job opening once it is posted. Hiring must occur within 180 days of the job posting date.

4. Referrals must be submitted by e-mail to careers@graincraft.com and include a Candidate Referral Form and resume (if available). Please send from an internal Grain Craft email account.

5. Referrals cannot be submitted after the new employee has been contacted by the hiring manager or after the new employee has been hired.

6. The first employee to refer a candidate will be the only referring employee eligible for payment.

7. Only candidates who meet the essential and minimum qualifications for the position will be considered.

8. *Supervisors may refer candidates for other departments that they do not have direct or indirect leadership.

Employee Referral Form
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