By uniting Cereal Food Processors, Milner Milling and PFM under the Grain Craft name, we’ve brought together three respected companies with rich milling histories. Although their backgrounds and regions vary, each company shared core values about how to service your needs and how to conduct business the right way. Today, these core values form the very foundation of Grain Craft.

Cereal Food Processors Inc.

Founded in 1972, Cereal Food Processors grew steadily over the years to include 10 U.S. milling facilities stretching from Portland to Cleveland and serving a wide range of market segments. With a daily capacity of 101,760 CWTS of flour, Cereal Food Processors was the nation’s largest independent flour milling company and the fourth-largest wheat miller.

At the heart of the company’s success was its commitment to enhance service and improve efficiencies by investing in the company’s facilities. Cereal Food Processors pledge to continually improve its products and services is still a fundamental desire for Grain Craft today.

Milner Milling

Headquartered in Chattanooga, TN, Milner Milling offered mill locations in Barnesville and Rome, GA, as well as Birmingham, AL. Combined with sister company PFM, Milner was the 7th-largest flour miller in the U.S. and supplied bulk and bag flour to a diverse range of food manufacturers and foodservice customers.

Milner Milling strongly believed that people, not buildings or equipment, determined whether an organization would succeed. By living up to this philosophy every day, Milner Milling created a customer-centered, can-do culture that still lives on through Grain Craft.

Pendleton Flour Mills LLC

Amazingly, the roots of PFM reach back to 1910, when the company sold bagged flour under the name Fisher Flour in the Pacific Northwest. Over the years, PFM developed a strong distribution network that evolved to specialize in bulk shipments via trucks, rail, and ocean containers. Today, PFM is known for its highly successful Power and Mondako brands, along with its dedication to providing personalized customer service and superior products — including premium hard & soft wheat flour, and proprietary blends manufactured specifically to meet customers’ needs.

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